Our Buyer’s Guides are here to help you make informed decisions about what you need to purchase.

  • Nutrients

    This guide is designed to help you navigate the crowded fields of nutrient and additive lines and cut through marketing jargon to determine what your plants really need. Centuries of books have been written about plant biology including how and which nutrients and fertilizers to use — consult these texts for further information. We recommend […]

  • Grow Tents

    Grow tents are a fast, effective way to create a clean and contained indoor garden. You’re probably asking yourself, “What should I look for in a grow tent?” Read our guide on grow tents to find out!

  • Guide to Grow Lights

    Don’t know the difference between HPS or MH bulbs? No matter, we’ll cover everything you need to now about grow lights and reflectors in this guide and help you make an informed decision about which ballast is right for your indoor garden.

  • Pots & Containers

    What are fabric pots and what are they good for? Why do some gardeners prefer square pots? Learn everything you need to know about where to grow your plants in our useful guide for gardeners.

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  • Growing Media

    Want to learn more about the differences between soil brands? Confused about what coco coir is? Read our buyer’s guide to grow media and learn more

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  • Pest & Disease Control

    Spider mites sucking the life out of your garden? Powdery mildew got you feeling pouty? Find out what you need to keep nasty critters from crawling all over your crops inside.
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